Brussels offers a variety of accommodations near the Forum venue. You are responsible for your own accommodation costs and you are expected to make your own room booking. For your convenience, we recommend you to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, where we have obtained a preferential rate. Otherwise, we recommend you stay near the Forum venue at one of the following hotels:

Hotel Name Distance from Venue  Price
Sheraton (4 stars) 650m - 3min EUR 129 Single B
EUR 249 Single BB
Hilton (4 stars) 200m - 30sec EUR 169 Single B
EUR 215 Single BB
Hotel des Colonies (3 stars) 750m - 3min EUR 150 Single B
Progress Hotel (4 stars) 750m - 3min EUR 200 Single
EUR 220 Double
Hotel Siru (3 stars) 750m - 3min EUR 160 Single
EUR 180 Double
Novotel (3 stars) 1.6km - 15min EUR 159 Single
EUR 174 Double
Crowne Plaza (4 stars) Venue EUR 181,67 Single
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